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Dyntrace extension in Azure App Services not working properly


We have Dynatrace extension in Azure App Service, but Dynatrace OneAgent its not prompting for environment ID and token. Due to that I am unable to configure Dyantrace with Azure web app. Dynatrace OneAgent is just showing product information.

After clicking OneAgent, it should prompt for environment ID and token.

Any suggestions please.



HI bvrg2747

i am pretty sure that maybe you are in the step 6 of the deployment.

when you deploy on appservice you have to accept terms and conditions and sometimes  it can escape from view (has happened to me sometime ago).   if you are not watching this step by step delete it and start over again.  


Regards Ruben

fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

Hello rgarzon1,

thanks for your response.

i have accepted leagal terms. As you shared the attachment, in 9 point it will browse to enter environment id and token. The browse option is not showing. Not getting why its getting like that.



Hi bvrg2747

when you accept the legal terms. you can select the oneagent  from extension  with create i remember in that way but the image that you share have a link to accept legal terms that its why i mention..  but you can allways do as i said. deleted and start over again. 

fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @bvrg2747,

This happened to me recently. We found that going to the kudu console/Service allowed us to enter the details. You could try that.

In Azure Portal, navigate to your Azure App Service and then go to Development Tools > Advance Tools > Dynatrace OneAgent

Let me know if that works for you.

Hello Tom_Eaton,

Could you please provide more details.

Development Tools > Advance Tools > "i dont see any dynatrace option".

Thanks for providing the screenshots, they very useful.

Click Go ->
Then on the next screen you should see Dynatrace OneAgent

Hello Tom,

Thank you, it works.


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