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How does Dynatrace deployment work for on-premise (Dynatrace managed)?


I see that you can deploy Dynatrace OneAgent as a Docker Container for Dynatrace SaaS. How does deployment work for Dynatrace managed (on-premise) if I were to install my AWS EC2 instances on docker containers? Also, how do I authenticate my AWS account to pull EC2 metrics for on-premise? Will this authentication allow it to monitor other services such as RDS, ELB, Elasticache, etc? Also, is Dynatrace's NoSQL database compatible with Amazon RDS?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I don't think SaaS version differs from managed in any way in terms of AWS monitoring. I don't have access to any managed instance. What I know - you authenticate just as in the SaaS version, but you will need the public security gateway for that purpose.

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