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How to assign host groups or tagging for Azure Service Fabric?


Hi all,

My team recently install a managed oneagent on azure service fabric via powershell using the directions found here: (how-do-i-monitor-azure-service-fabric-applications)

After the installation we noticed that our hosts all have similar properties with no unique way of identifying one host from another besides the auto generated host name. On top of these host our services and processes have identical names and have been merged as one. We would like to apply tagging to help identify the specific services on the specific hosts.

I learned that with host groups we should be able to do something like this? Is there a way we can set host groups during the oneagent installation as depicted here for azure service fabric (how-do-i-organize-my-environment-using-host-groups)?

Would this be a new key value pair of ("HOST_GROUP"="MyHostGroup") in the -Setting @{ "server"="<Dynatrace Server URL>"; "tenantId"="<your environment ID>"; "token"="<PaaS token>" }

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.



@Allan A. have you found any info on this?

Host group is currently unavailable for Azure Service Fabric since this is a PaaS architecture. Instead we used process group detection in combination with an environment variable to define a logical grouping. This allowed us to separate the services that would normally be merged as one into two instances (one for each environment).

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