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License utilization on Azure Cloud


Hi All,

I need to install 1 Dynatrace OneAgent on linux os of azure virtual machine. This machine has 16 gb RAM hosting Apache web server. My questions are:

1) Will it consume host units and DDU both or only DDU?

2) When will it start consuming DEM units?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

DDU are consumed only when you enable some extra plugins which consumption is over free quota.

Look at table from link above. From my experience for infrastructure and fullstack monitoring by defult DDU's are not consumed. Event some basic plugins most of the time are fine with embedded quota. But when I enabled for example plugin for haproxy which had 60 dimensions for each metrics I've started to have consumption. Level of consumption is available for you in dynatrace settings so even if you enable extra plugins (custom or embedded one) you will always have option to check consumption there and decide if you want to have them or not. DDUS are used as well for log metrics (if you will configure some).

DEM's are consumed only when you will enable real user monitoring and Synthetic tests:

If your application has frontend and you will not disable RUM in default application or configured one for this system, dems will be consumed according to table above.


Regards, Sebastian

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