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Merge Azure App Service Slots into same service

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I'm integrating Dynatrace with Azure App Service and works ok except when I have multiple service slots.
I have an app MyApp and each slot have different application ids and consequently are being shown as different services:

- MyApp

- myapp__b123


I'm using service detection rules to improve detection and I'm able to remove the suffix:

"applicationId": {
    "enableIdContributor": true,
    "serviceIdContributor": {
        "contributionType": "TransformValue",
        "transformations": [
                "transformationType": "SPLIT_SELECT",
                "splitDelimiter": "__",
                "selectIndex": 1

But I'm still struggling with the casing. I wish I could use a case insensitive rule or at least override the ApplicationId with a environment variable.

I tried using DT_APPLICATIONID but apparently it only works when the service does not have an existing application id.


Community Team
Community Team

Hey @rafaelmiranda 
Are you still facing this issue, or have you found a solution already?
Let me know so we can discuss the next steps 🙂 

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