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Monitor AWS Lambda based on .Net Core


We are using AWS Lambdas which are created with the usage of the .NET Core framework. And would like to setup deeper monitoring for Node.js. It looks like for that we should somehow install Dynatrace agent to Lambda. And for now, it is not clear how it can be done. Should we add to our Lambda project some NuGet package or it can be done by some other way through was console?




Hello Pavel,

It looks like only Node.js based lambda functions are supported right now. You can request to be a part of the Early Adopter Program for .Net Core lambda functions here:

If that does not work you can access the link by going to deploy Dynatrace -> serverless integrations -> other languages and clicking the link.

David Nicholls

Thank you, David, for your quick response. It would be nice if you have any extra links to documentation regarding the monitoring of serverless applications? Do you have any statistic how agent deployed inside lambda affect on performance of it?

Hello Pavel,

Here is the information I was able to gather about how Dynatrace monitors the lambda functions.

I am not sure about the details related specfically to lambda function execution but I know that Dynatrace is optimize to have a negative impact of the applications it monitors.


David Nicholls

Possibly you know any ETA for establishing support of .NET Core Lambdas?


Please work on solutions for .NET Core on AWS Lambda.


Are there any updates on this subject? Can we monitor .NET Core on AWS Lambda?

Is there any news about this subject? I have a customer interested to deep monitoring in .Net Core on AWS Lambda.

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Have you all checked this on documentation?

It may help!!

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl


I believe that enhancements would be helpful here and I have created Improved integration for AWS Lambda - .NET Core 

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