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Network connection between OneAgent host and non-Dynatrace monitored Azure Service


I have a OneAgented VMWare Host on which a java process is connecting to a non-dynatrace monitored Azure Service. 

We think that there is network connectivity issue between the host and Azure Service endpoint.

On the VMware, I can see the TCP connection between java process on the host to Azure Service. 

I'm not able to see this in Dynatrace UI. 

I checked process under "Host Networking".

Also the "called processes" under process screen.

How do I see the connection between oneagented VMWare host(or process) and non-Dynatrace monitored Azure service endpoint? and after that how do I find the packet loss(for host/NIC) or latency(for process) for that connection?

Thanks in advance.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So you are seeing the process on the VM correct? If you look at the process connections you should see the data in the process flow. Are you instrumented in the Azure subscription?




Hi Chad,

Thanks for the response.

Few Points...

1) now that the problem is solved, I don't see the process connection as the above screen show live data (or same level as SmartScape). It doesn't show historical data.

2) Not sure if it is instrumented or not in azure. Definitely not Dynatrace monitored.

3) for the process tab under "host networking". I'm not seeing data for this server. But for other servers, I do see this data. BTW, each server has 3 NIC cards


4) what I understand is that "Process connection" under "Host networking" shows connection to "process on host". Does it show "called services" in public cloud also? I'm not seeing any "called cloud services" in the similar diagram as you attached.

5) even for monitoring candidates view under "hosts" under "infrastructure observability", I only see hosts.. where do I see monitoring candidates for services on cloud? is that available?

Thanks in advance.




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