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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Babar Q., the
Dynatrace Community Member of the Month for April!

Babar works as a Dynatrace APM Consultant in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia. In his daily work, he actively uses AppMon and DC
RUM, and is already planning to migrate to the Dynatrace.

Most of you know Babar very well. He’s one of the
three most active Community users of all time! Our Member
of the Month from January 2017, the Perform
2017 Partner Community Rock Star, the Dynatrace APM Associates / DCRUM Associates / DPM Industry
. Babar not only helps
others in the forums, but also attends Dynatrace webinars and events. When
asked what motivates him to stay so active in the Community, he said:

I first became interested in the community to grab the
revealed knowledge from the experts. At some point I also began asking the
questions and received immediate and correct answers. Thus, I also started
answering and commenting on other community members posts and received really
nice comments which motivated me to contribute more and more. Therefore, I
still do my best to share the field experience and documented information with
others to make their job easy.

Babar also
explained what he likes best about the Community:

Dynatrace products have an
exponential growth due to their brilliant ideas and hard work of their
development team. The best thing in the community beside the solutions is to
respect / accept the ideas of community members which also encourages me to
share my filed work ideas for the enactment of the products, therefore, every
major release will have many new features suggested by the community members.


In Babar’s opinion, recognition is one of the best
motivators to stay active even after receiving an award. This is something that
encourages you to do it more and to stay on the top all the time”.

Outside of work, Babar spends time with his family,
watches movies, and plays cricket.


Babar, thank you for your continuous effort and help
you provide for other Dynatrace Community members. Amazing job!

Once again, congratulations!

Winners of this award are also
immediately eligible to win the Rock Star Community awards.