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Community Team
Community Team

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There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying "two heads are better than one”. I can underline it and say even more - partnership is crucial to the growth of any business. As for Dynatrace collaboration and partnership are fundamental to improving business outcomes and delivering more value to customers, we are happy to introduce you to a Community Member of April - Dynatrace Partner, Pedro Deodato.

Please read about @PedroDeodato and take a closer look at how he supports customers and contributes to the Dynatrace Community.


Can you tell a little bit about your professional life? Where do you work and what do you do in your job?

I work at MarketWare, a Dynatrace Partner in Portugal, as a Senior APM Specialist. We work in the APM and Security areas, leveraging the Dynatrace platform with our clients. Our clients come from various industries, demanding several different approaches, several different use-cases, several different solutions to several different problems. I love this kind of work, as you will read about my personal life below, because it demands the powers of a chameleon: always adjusting to their surroundings, doing its best to get the most out of every situation!

This actually tells you a lot about the Dynatrace platform: no matter what is needed, or what is the field of work, Dynatrace always brings value to the table. We often tell our customers that they know a lot about their applications/systems and that we know a lot about the Dynatrace platform: what we only need to do is work together, fixing each side’s gaps, filling everyone in… only then will we achieve true success!

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What is your story with Dynatrace? Why did you start using our products and for what project?
I’ve known Dynatrace for quite some time before I started working directly with it. My Master’s Thesis main subject was Observability: I had an Internship at OutSystems, a low-code solution, where I implemented a PoC with OpenTelemetry. There, I studied all the APM solutions and technologies available, and so heard a lot about Dynatrace. Unfortunately, for academic reasons, we focused on open-source technologies, in this case, OpenTelemetry… When I started, OpenTelemetry was still in Alpha and has evolved a lot since then. Now, I absolutely love that Dynatrace is leveraging such a powerful framework!

When I first started using Dynatrace, already in my job, I had to help our customers make the most of it. By then, I already had had a lot of time (on my Master’s) handling problems similar to those they are faced with: Performance Issues, Low Availability, Errors, Weak UX… having a tool that can automatically give out answers to most of them was something close to magical.

Have you ever had any interesting use case for the Dynatrace platform that you found to be
particularly intriguing? Could you tell us about it?
Of course, we had several of them! As a partner, we often deal with some people inside Organizations who are responsible for monitoring and maintaining systems. So, many times we are not engaging with the developers themselves. As such, sometimes the ones who come to us do not have easy access (or knowledge) about all the code that’s running, its evolutions over time, and what change might have had an impact on something in production.

Once, a client with an e-commerce page was complaining that Product pages were very slow. Fortunately, Dynatrace was already installed, so not only could we find the root-cause, but we were able to compare the before and after. When analyzing Apdex values, specifically Action Count by Apdex category, we noticed a great amount from Satisfied to Tolerating: things were getting slow… no errors, but higher response times.

With the Waterfall data, we concluded that the servers were taking longer to respond. We also had a Request Attribute marking specifically all Product Pages, so when filtering for them in the Service response times, the values were indeed higher than expected. Drilling to a few PurePaths, it became clear that the backend servers were calling several APIs repeatedly (checking stocks, product info, etc): on the previous deployment, someone accidentally duplicated the code that did that. By removing said repeated code, servers started responding a lot quicker, user satisfaction improved, everyone was happy! 🙂

This just goes to show the great things that can be done in a breeze, when in possession of all the knowledge: User Experience, to Backend metrics, with all the fine detail at every step of the way, needed to make the right call at the right time! Fortunately, we have a lot of Dynatrace use-cases with similar happy endings! And many more to come, surely!

What brought you to our community? What is your best memory about it?
Well, working in MarketWare with António Sousa (our latest Partner Community Rock Star) pretty much tells the story of what brought me here António really lives the Community spirit: not only did he teach me almost all there is to learn on the platform, but also here in the Community! That inspired me to do the same, engaging here in the community and trying to help others do their best. Being part of something as huge and great as the Community is awesome!

Not going to lie, my best memory is my first reply marked as an answer. Not because of “being right”, but because of feeling that my effort helped someone! After reading so many posts here that really helped me, it is hugely rewarding to know that I can give back as well!

Why do you think it’s worth being a part of the Dynatrace Community? Why do you contribute to the Community?
Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”. Dynatrace Community is 100% successful!! 😄 Here is the place to ask questions, get to know product roadmaps, upcoming releases, Dynatrace tips…

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What part or parts of Dynatrace Community do you like the most?

Here in the Community, what I definitely love the most is the Product Ideas section! Besides being able to contribute actively to making the Dynatrace platform even greater and better, we are able to do so by interacting with the actual great minds building it! It is great to feel heard, and to hear others as well: posting new ideas is always fun, but learning what others are asking for sometimes often lets you know of great features you didn’t know you wanted. 🙂

And how about your life outside IT – what is your biggest passion?
My biggest passion is the Arts! I’m deeply involved in the artistic world and community: I have studied music since I can remember, particularly playing the Euphonium.

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I play at Sociedade Filarmónica Humanitária (Humanitarian Philharmonic Society), where I also play the role of a Technical Director. This is where I first learned the true meaning of Community: as a non-profit, all the players and directors are volunteers who give their time to do great things, expecting nothing in return! Not only are we presenting shows, concerts, performances, and parties, but also educating people towards the arts. That, and knowing that people enjoyed their time with us is the greatest reward! We have lots of recorded performances, ranging more common Philharmonic repertoire, to concerts with Portuguese singers ( or Johan de Meij’s “Lord of the Rings” Symphony ( I have been involved in the art world since a child, so when I started to become interested in technology and IT as well, it made sense to join both worlds together. As such, besides playing, I often operate shows as a technician: mostly Sound, but Lights as well… wherever it comes to Stage Arts (being on it, in front of it, or at the back), I’m at home.

Besides that, I also love to sing. Once, our Opera teacher heard me sing and invited me to play Dulcamara, a character from Donizetti’s opera “L'elisir d'amore”: a charlatan salesman, who claims to sell magic “Love Elixir”. Being only an amateur, singing an Aria as a charlatan made perfect sense! 😄 I only sang a small Aria at our school’s audition, but it was lots of fun!

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It would also be great if you could share with us your favorite movie, song and/or a book. Let other Community members discover something new and interesting to watch/hear/read.
With so many masterpieces out there, picking favorites is truly a challenging task. I love that Art comes in so many forms, captivating so many (different) people. The best part of it is that sometimes, these people are so far apart from each other that the only thing they have in common is their artistic interests. Not only is that fine, but it is a form of community bonding that I love. That can happen in the audience, but also on stage.


One of the most famous examples of music bringing different people together, was the “Pavarotti and Friends” concerts, a couple of decades ago, where the famous opera tenor invited several artists outside the opera field to perform at charity concerts: More recently, Andrea Bocelli lent his wonderful voice to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”:


Finally, as a Balkan music fan, I couldn’t miss mentioning that Portuguese António Zambujo once sang with a Bulgarian Female Choir in a truly goose bumping performance:


We live in times where “We Are The World”’s third verse needs to be remembered more often: “The world must come together as one”. 🙂 Many things can drive a Community: Dynatrace and Music are definitely great examples of this!

The fundamental pillars of an effective business are satisfied customers. Having business partners who take care of them means you are no longer operating in isolation, and you can help customers on a larger scale. Apart from that, you have access to more knowledge, innovation, expertise so you can exchange it and support it along the way to deliver a better product.


The main purpose of the partnership is to create an ecosystem where both the buyer’s intent and seller’s intent are achieved. We are happy Pedro, to see your approach to putting together and guiding customers in a clear and supportive way at every stage of the customer journey. Furthermore, we are pleased that Community can assist you and Dynatrace customers on their way to making the best of the platform.