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Dynatrace is very excited to recognize Kalle L. as our February Member of the Month for his contributions to Dynatrace Community.

Kalle has been working at Fujitsu Finland since August 2015. He has been busy lately collaborating with others in the Dynatrace Community. In just the 6 weeks ending in mid-January, Kalle answered 5 questions, provided 18 comments and voted 47 times!

Kalle is mainly focused on both Synthetic Monitoring (SaaS) and Enterprise Synthetic, which is part of the DC RUM package. Regarding these products, Kalle said:

especially think Enterprise Synthetic is a great platform for synthetic
monitoring, because it has little restrictions as to which type of application
is being monitored. I also like the customizability of the VBA-based scripts,
since it enables you to create a wide array of additional functionality around
the monitoring.”

When asked why he contributes to Dynatrace Community Kalle

“I try to help out when I can, and I think it tends to result in a positive cycle of participation from other users as well. The more people that are contributing, the more value the community has. It’s great to find out how other users have approached different aspects of the Dynatrace solutions in practice. Documentation is of course always a good place to start, but people sharing their hands-on experience is even better. I also find the ability to suggest and vote on new ideas and RFEs very useful.”

Please join us in congratulating Kalle L. for being our Community Member of the Month for February 2017!