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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating a true monitoring passionate, Larry R., the
Dynatrace Community Member of the Month for February 2019!

Larry is a Senior Middleware Administrator/Monitoring
Architect at Gordon Food Service,
passionate about enterprise monitoring, with a special focus on AI and voice
assistance. As Larry explains, “AI for me
is not just a passion, but something that I get very excited about. There is so
much potential for such technology, allowing us to focus on running the business
rather than spending countless hours, days, months, and even years trying to
figure out how and what to monitor.

Larry joined the Dynatrace Community in May 2018, but his Dynatrace
adventure started back in late 2017. His team’s current monitoring tools were no longer meeting the needs:

They were never designed for
micro-services or cloud, severely lacked on rapids updates, and required
high administration. I wanted to replace these tools with cutting edge
technology that focused on true AI, SaaS provided, designed with ease of use
for both users and administrators, and allowed us to focus on fix things rather
than figuring out how to monitor them.“

This led Larry to a 3-month research with a lot of discussions about the
best monitoring tools, their ease of use, and leadership in the newest

“With Dynatrace and its ease of
use with the OneAgent, we targeted one thing after another in our DEV
environment during our trial and started approaching teams with a "Let's toss the OneAgent on and see what we
get" approach. For the first time in 15 years, I had teams asking
to use monitoring rather than running from it. Not only did I come to the
conclusion that Dynatrace was leading the way, but was far ahead of all other
vendors on the market.”

Larry can’t imagine a product vendor without an active
community and this is also one of the reasons why he contributes to the
Dynatrace forums. There’s nothing better than sharing and learning from real
life examples!

Providing and contributing to a strong user community not only aids one
another but creates a think tank where new ideas and features are born. I have
found through my experience with different vendors and products that customers
themselves can often know the best approaches to challenges you may be facing
in figuring something out. I love to help others, to thing about a problem with
others to find the best solution, and to come together to push forward the best
possible solution
”, says Larry.

What Larry likes best about the Dynatrace Community are its active

Dynatrace and the community
around it are not only just active with the user base, the great people who
work for Dynatrace are just as active. They take the time to answer questions
and truly evaluate the RFE's which get posted. The Dynatrace community is the
perfect foundation for which Dynatrace sits on.

On his off
hours, Larry spends time with his wife, 4 children, and his 2015 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Classic:

I have had a strong love for
motorcycles since I could walk. I spend as much time as I can riding in
Michigan when the weather allows. During the winter, I usually pick up a
project bike that I customize and rebuild in my garage to keep me busy. “

Larry, thank you for sharing your story and building the Dynatrace
Community into a valuable place for all Dynatrace users!


Winners of this award are also immediately eligible to win the Rock Star Community awards.