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Community Team



Hello everyone!

It’s time to announce the second Community Member of the Month for 2020. Let’s give a big applause to @Rajesh S.! His regular activity in the forum helps others to learn more about software intelligence. Now let’s learn more about Rajesh from this short interview:


Can you tell a little bit about your professional life? Where do you work and what do you do in your job?

Currently, I am working at Capgemini India, Mumbai as IT consultant & agile practitioner. My team and I provide solutions related to APM/DPM and RPA to our group stakeholders and help them stay on top of cutting-edge technologies & achieve business goals. We are supporting 40+ applications in production using DCRUM and Appmon.

I have also worked on APM implementations for major Indian banks involved in delivering award-winning mobile and internet banking services which catered millions of customers across India and abroad. It's fortunate to be part of customers’ success journey in APM with such a huge scale.


What is your story with Dynatrace? Why did you start using our products and for what project?

I have been using Dynatrace (Compuware) technology since the year 2013 till today as various job roles ranging from site reliability & test engineer to agile practitioner. As part of APM engagements, I have actively contributed to designing, conducting proofs-of-concept, deploying and supporting APM solutions and people training.

I find Dynatrace technology of immense help for not only fixing escalating issues but also ensuring long term improvement in the overall architecture of applications. With 6+ years of association with deploying & consulting Dynatrace solutions, I have witnessed the major shifts from classic APM to DevOps/AIOps within IT teams. Dynatrace SaaS brings a good mix of automation to the APM with its AI.


Have you ever had any interesting use case for Dynatrace product that you found out to be particularly intriguing? Could you tell us about it?

Pinpointing the exact cause of issues in application performance or with end users has always been easier with Dynatrace products. I remember finding out critical out-of-memory failures in the production environment in just a few clicks for many clients. I am surprised by and exploring the Dynatrace AI capability for finding the root cause in complex environments. I am also looking forward to ingesting Dynatrace as quality gates for enterprise DevOps architecture.


What brought you to our community? What is your best memory about it?

I like to offer technical help and get help from the community. Dynatrace Community, blogs and videos are a great source of learning about innovative stuff going around in the world of delivering better software. The people in the Community are generous in helping out when I am lost on any topic 🙂


And how about your life outside the IT – what is your biggest passion?

I am an avid geek. I like to keep myself updated with the latest developments in technology. I also enjoy learning about cosmology though I am amateur at it. In free time, I like to spend time with friends & family, doing home gardening stuff and listening to & reading motivational speakers/writers, visiting historical places and doing community service. I enjoy my weekend mornings browsing funny/informative stuff over the internet or making some tea for my spouse 🙂


It would also be great if you could share with us your favorite movie, song and/or a book. Let other Community members discover something new and interesting to watch/hear/read 🙂

I like Sci-Fi movies - Interstellar by Christopher Nolan is one of my favorites. I enjoy Indian cinema and Bollywood songs.

Books on my recommendation list: Check out ‘The art of thinking clearly (Rolf Dobelli)’ to learn about cognitive biases and ‘The Personal MBA (Josh Kaufman)’ to deliver business value and classic – ‘A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking)’ to learn ideas about the history of Time.


Thank you so much for your contribution in the Dynatrace Answers forum Rajesh. We wish you to visit as many possible incredible historical places as possible! Thank you also for all these inspiring titles to read, it’s always good to start a New Year with some new, fresh ideas.