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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating
Radosław J., the
Dynatrace Community Member of the Month for January 2019!

Radek is a Business Development Manager at Spica Solutions. The most
important part of his job is building business processes with his clients in
order to use the potential of the Dynatrace monitoring in a full application
lifecycle. Radek uses both Dynatrace and AppMon, as he works on very diverse

Radek joined the Dynatrace Community almost 4 years ago by asking his
first question in the AppMon forum. 2018 was definitely his most active year. Radek
was eagerly helping others, supporting their ideas, and showing appreciation
for others’ contributions.

When asked what motivates him to stay active in the Community, Radek explained:

“In general, I don’t have much time, but
every day for a moment I look at the forum because I believe that when I
contribute to the community, I can build an interesting network of contacts
with people from around the world.
addition, I willingly share my knowledge gained from many projects, as well as
learn from better ones. As you know, nobody is the best in everything :-)”

Radek also told us
why he likes the diversity of forum topics the most:

“Probably, I like the diversity of topics the
most. With many problems I could never meet on my projects. In addition, the
acquired knowledge may can help me solve future problems on next projects.”

Besides his passion
for helping others to improve their products, Radek
likes mountain climbing the most. When he has a bit of free time, he takes
his girlfriend to climb new mountain ranges.

Radek, thank you for building the Dynatrace Community into a valuable place
for all Dynatrace users!


Winners of this award are also immediately eligible to win the Rock Star
Community awards.