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Community Team
Community Team


Happy New Year Dynatrace Community!

Our first Community Member of the Month for 2021 is @Suresh Kumar K. – thank you so much for being with us! He asked many valuable questions and wrote many comments in the Forum, that are helping our Community learn more about the Dynatrace and how to use it the best way possible. Let’s hear his story in the interview below:


Can you tell a little bit about your professional life? What is your role in the company and what do you do in your job?

I am working as a Senior Performance Engineer, implementing Dynatrace. I have over 12 years of experience as a consultant in Performance Engineering.  I have served different clients in the Financial, Supply chain, Pharmaceutical, and Technology Sectors.


What Dynatrace products do you use? What do you like the most about them?

Fortunately, almost all the clients I have worked for have used Dynatrace as a monitoring and troubleshooting tool. I have used Dynatrace from Appmon 4.0 to the latest versions of SaaS and Managed. By leveraging Dynatrace, helped the teams in identifying the slowness issues and provided recommendations from the browser side to the Database tier for tuning the different applications. What I always love to say about Dynatrace is “Ease the trace with Dynatrace” Instrumenting the Application with Dynatrace, overall overhead on application performance is very little when compared to the other tools. Dynatrace is truly ahead among other tools currently available in the field of Application Performance Management Solutions.



Have you ever had any interesting use case for Dynatrace product that you found out to be particularly intriguing? Could you tell us about it?

With the Bind values feature, I was able to provide recommendations to the Development teams for introducing Pagination for Search results, helped to fine-tune the Stored Procs, and recommended to reduce the number of invocations to the Stored Procs which helped the overall response times to improve significantly. Using Dynatrace, helped the teams identifying the large Memory objects, provided recommendations on JVM heap settings. With the Thread dumps/CPU sampling feature, able to identify the root cause of an issue which caused the significant slowness of application in Production.

Dynatrace APIs are very useful. Extensively leveraged Dynatrace Configuration, Environment, and Cluster APIs for creating rules and for configuration changes across all Dynatrace Environments. I had to create manually in one Environment and duplicate them to the remaining Environments in no time with the Dynatrace APIs. I am happy to say that I was able to provide all these recommendations with the help of Dynatrace.


Why do you contribute to the Community? What is your best memory about it?

I find Dynatrace Community as the best place to find solutions for any problems related to Dynatrace. The community members are always very helpful.

And how about your life outside the IT – what is your biggest passion?

I am very passionate about new topics to learn and explore. It may be topics within my field of experience or anything which have inclination to research and enhance. Apart from that, I love to play tennis and badminton. Hanging out with my kids makes me feel happy and relaxes me.


It would also be great if you could share with us your favorite movie, song and/or a book. Let other Community members discover something new and interesting to watch/hear/read 🙂

I am a movie lover and love to watch any movie except that of the horror genre 🙂


I also used to play badminton, when I was younger - maybe this would be a great way to get some exercise after a holiday break 😉 Thank you once again for your story and for being with us in this Community!