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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Alexander R., the Dynatrace Community Member of the Month for June 2019!

Alexander is a Presale Engineer at LLC Performance Expert. He used to work with all Dynatrace products, mostly with AppMon. “The most memorable was to use of Microsoft HoloLens for display of Dynatrace data. This is the future”, Alexander says.

His adventure with Dynatrace started by using AppMon, which Alexander considered to be a great product. A year ago, on a question “What is the best product of Dynatrace? I would answer “AppMon”, but now my answer is: “Of course, it is Dynatrace”. For the last year many useful additions / functionalities were added, and it will be a lot realized this summer. This product is easier in use than AppMon and at once shows the reason of problems”, Alexander explains.

But Dynatrace is not only the product. It’s also everything that supports it, and so is the Community, which Alexander joined in August 2017. His recent activity made him to the top 15 Community users last month.

When asked, what he likes best about the Dynatrace Community, Alexander said:

I think, it is the fastest way to share experience and to find the answer to the question. During a couple of hours, it is possible to receive the answer to the difficult question. It is also possible to offer improvement of a product and through half of year to see it in final release.

Outside of work, Alexander has a couple of various hobbies:

“I love cars and to travel by them, though very often I get stuck in traffic jams. In free time I play chess and Starcraft II. I am interested in computer vision and “smart” house systems.”

Alexander, thank you for your contributions and building the Dynatrace Community into a valuable place for all Dynatrace users!


Winners of this award are also immediately eligible to win the Rock Star Community awards.



Greetings to Alex! He is local respected Dynatrace wizard! Keep up!

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Congratulations 🙂

OOOOOwwwweeee! Congrats

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Congrats Alex, and yay for SC2! 😉

Thank you!

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Congratulations, Alexander!!