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Hello Community! 

A sunny June has started, and with the new month, we recognize a new Community Member of the Month. Let’s all give a huge applause to @shashank_b_agra! He always provides a lot of details in his questions, thanks to which the later discussion can be on a higher and more interesting level. And this is what is our Community all about – professionals sharing their knowledge, so they can do amazing things. Let’s all hear a little bit more about Shashank.


Can you tell a little bit about your professional life? Where do you work and what do you do in your job? 

I’ve around 11 years of total IT experience with different tools & technologies and worked in both Financial and Telecommunications domain with multiple clients. I am currently working in Accenture UK as an Application Development Specialist and look after End-to-End integration and implementation of Dynatrace. Currently deployed at Virgin Media for building and setting up end to end infrastructure and application performance Monitoring along. I also manage various other activities like Splunk Development, DevOps tooling & Integration. I am also AWS Cloud Practitioner certified and Splunk Admin certified.  




What is your story with Dynatrace? Why did you start using our products and for what project? 

The story is very simple. It just landed on me. I knew about the software but never got the chance to do the hands on until I was approached to implement this for one of our esteemed clients. The reason for using Dynatrace is because of its capability to monitor everything. So, we can have infrastructure, user experience, AIOps, security in a single platform to give a single source of truth across whole stack. It has a powerful instrumentation which can monitor the health of your infrastructure and application within minutes. All of its byproducts like Smartscape topology, problem detection and analysis, powerful AI Davis are amazing. It’s capability to integrate with almost all the third part tools and stack like ServiceNow. It creates tickets and it’s AI Davis finds the root cause. I use Dynatrace for my project Virgin Media. To me, it’s a one place APM shop for my end-to-end platform and architecture along with third party back-end systems. 


Have you ever had any interesting use case for Dynatrace product that you found out to be particularly intriguing? Could you tell us about it? 

In my opinion, the most valuable feature is it corelates all the different layers in a single view. I.e., front end through to the database involving all the third party backends, Middleware and API gateways. This is very powerful because it gives us the ability to pin point where the exact issue along with the root cause is instead of chasing different teams. One Agent is the most intriguing feature of Dynatrace. Also, its capability to monitor cloud infrastructure and services. We have recently deployed some of our features in AWS and GCP and we have a plan to put Dynatrace on it so that we can monitor the Cloud Clusters. 


What brought you to our community? What is your best memory about it? 


And once you join the community you start contributing and that’s what I did at the initial stage. I believe Dynatrace community for Open Q & A is one of the best. I found it extremely useful. 

The best memory was when I got engaged in a conversation with different people for a use case, I was working on to build an end to end set up of Dynatrace with Public Active gates along with Load balancer. My client has got strict security policies so building an AG and exposing it to public was challenging. There were lot of questions raised which I have put it on the community and all got rectified with some beautiful discussions. 


And how about your life outside the IT – what is your biggest passion? 

My biggest passion is Cricket. I am a sports freak and love playing different games like Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis. I have a 16 months old Daughter Mishika so my most of the free time goes with her. 😊 




It would also be great if you could share with us your favorite movie, song and/or a book. Let other Community members discover something new and interesting to watch/hear/read 🙂   

My all-time fav movies are Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Godfather Trilogy. I can watch them again and again. And I am not much of a book person. The last book I read was a long time back but I found it very interesting and inspiring – “The Monk who sold is Ferrari”.


Thank you, Shashank, for being part of this Community! And yes, The Godfather movies are truly incredible - I can watch them any time and always find something new and interesting in them.