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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Kalle L., the Dynatrace Community Member of the Month for October 2019!

Kalle is a Solution Architect at Tieto. His adventure with Dynatrace started in 2015, when Kalle worked with Enterprise Synthetic - back then a part of DC RUM. Since early 2018, Kalle has been spending more and more time with the Dynatrace OneAgent:

“I’m currently using Dynatrace Managed quite exclusively - I’m not involved with the earlier products like ESM, NAM or AppMon. For someone with a long history of working with synthetic monitoring, to me it’s been really cool to see how with Dynatrace we can drill down to the PurePaths of failed synthetic transactions and analyze the reasons for the failure. Overall, I think the root cause analysis and troubleshooting features of Dynatrace are brilliant”, Kalle explained.

Most of you know Kalle very well, as he’s been active in the Community from the very beginning. The “peer support” is what he likes best here:

It’s great to connect with people who’ve struggled with similar technical challenges and then share the different ways to overcome them. I simply like to help people whenever I can, though to be honest I probably tend to ask more questions than answer them 🙂 But I do always try to answer, when I feel that there’s something I can contribute. I think it all adds up to a better community.

When asked about other support resources and improvement suggestions for the community itself, Kalle said:

“Overall the documentation is quite good, and I especially like how easy it is to search for things via Google – you’ll find both the documentation and forum discussions at the same time. The chat function is also really great for small questions where a support ticket would feel like overkill.

It would be really nice to have someone from Dynatrace reply (even very briefly) to questions that have been left unanswered by the community. So basically having at least some kind of response to each question, even if the answer isn’t perfect.”

On his off hours, Kalle enjoys collecting and listening to music, going to gigs, and swimming.

Kalle, thank you for your contributions and building the Dynatrace Community into a valuable place for all Dynatrace users!

Once again, congratulations!

Winners of this award are also immediately eligible to win the Rock Star Community awards.