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Community Team
Community Team

We’re extremely proud and excited that we’re launching the very first super user program in the Dynatrace Community!




The DynaMights

Although we have recognition programs in place as well as many gamification features including ranks, badges, and leaderboards, we’ve been missing this last piece of the puzzle.

Many of you have been with us for years, writing hundreds of posts, sharing knowledge, building relationships, and simply helping each other get the most out of Dynatrace. It’s a high time to give you a special shout out in the Dynatrace Community!


Meet DynaMights

We have a set of amazing DynaMights, 20 of them at launch, and look forward to adding you to the ranks! Check our Hall of Fame to meet our first group of super users!


How to become a DynaMight?

Simply by standing out in the Dynatrace Community! Write valuable posts, interesting product ideas, tip articles for others, or answer questions of other members in the forum. 

Having at least a “Pro” rank in the forum helps a lot, so be sure to climb up in the ranking ladder!


The benefits

Besides a dedicated space for networking and discussions, all DynaMights get the following benefits:




Who to contact?

The program coordinator is @AgataWlodarczyk. Of course the rest of the Community team is also always there for you 😊


What’s next

This is the first iteration of the program that we plan to constantly develop. After the first round of feedback, we’d like to extend the list of benefits, as well as the list of the program participants 😊


Stay tuned!

Your Dynatrace Community Team