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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Brayden N., the Dynatrace Employee Member of
the Month for April 2019!


Brayden is a Consultant
within the Services organization. He works with an extremely large Australian Government
account, where he deals with a lot of interesting challenges around
scalability, technology requirements and information security. Brayden is
also passionate about improving the services and applications that Dynatrace
supports for the Australian public. Being involved with such
a large account gives Brayden the opportunity to work with Dynatrace, AppMon,
Synthetic Classic, and NAM, but his focus and responsibility is Dynatrace Managed (Offline), and also
scripting work with NAM.

Brayden’s Community activity varies
from answering and commenting questions to submitting voting for other’s
contributions. Recently, he has shared a Dynatrace extension for SNMP that helps with basic device health monitoring. This is what the
Community is all about – sharing knowledge, solutions, and helping each other!

Here’s what Brayden told us about his
own motivation to participate in the Community:

I get hit with a lot of custom requirements and interesting use cases or
edge cases. I like sharing that work and knowledge back to the community to
showcase Dynatrace capabilities and to repay the answers which have saved me
countless times.

What Brayden likes best about the Community is that it not only solves
many issues, but also helps in shaping the product:

Community search results and previous answers have assisted me when
troubleshooting complex issues. Directly providing a solution, workaround or
pointing in the right support direction. I also like to see many of the feature
requests, use cases and interesting projects others are working on.”

Outside of work, Brayden gets outside and explore the nearby lakes and mountains in Canberra,

“I also have a few optimistic travel plans I
want to pursue such as driving around Australia. A lot of my other time is
spent learning new technologies and developing custom projects. I have some
terrible web applications in the works which should be interesting to code”

Here’s a
picture taken before his bungee jump!


Brayden, thank you for building the Dynatrace
Community into a valuable place for all Dynatrace users! All the best with
building your web apps!

And once again, congratulations!

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