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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Tomasz G., the Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for August 2019!


Tomasz joined Dynatrace 4 years ago and he currently leads the team responsible for OneAgent installation and updates.

„One of the major differentiators of OneAgent is its effortless, fully automated installation and our contribution to it is significant: the full-stack installer, Watchdog, OneAgent container image”, Tomasz explains.


He’s passionate about developing cutting-edge solutions that impress others and make life of the Dynatrace customers easier, while at the same time ensuring highest levels of reliability, security, and robustness. When asked what he likes best about Dynatrace, Tomasz said:

„The automation that we've put in place. Automatic installation, instrumentation, processes detection, baselining, root-cause analysis, and many more... All these make our product stand out, reduce time-to-value and operational costs.


Tomasz visits Dynatrace forum every day as he perceives it as a very valuable feedback tool. However, the motivation behind his contributions is to share knowledge:

My initial motivation was quite selfish, I simply wanted to reduce my own workload by answering questions that would often lead to support tickets being opened. But then I stayed to help others and educate them about the product, sometimes providing a little more insight as to why certain things work in a particular way.


As a Community power user, Tomasz not only answers questions, recognizes others’ contributions, and accepts the best answers, but also provides great feedback to the Community team. Here’s what he likes best about the Dynatrace Community:

That the community members help each other. I no longer need to answer simple questions as I did in the beginning of my ‘community contributions’ since other community members are often quicker to provide informative and correct answers.

These days I'm most often just lurking around looking for unanswered questions or answers that need correction or clarification.


When not developing cutting-edge solutions, Tomasz calls himself a „beer geek”. „I enjoy learning (and obviously tasting) new beer styles or fancy interpretations of well-known ones”, he says. Besides that, Tomasz likes to spend time outdoors:

My choice for vacations is mountain hiking, but since mountains are quite far away from Gdansk during the rest of the year I simply take long walks along the coast or generally outdoors.

I'm also a PhD student at the Gdansk University of Technology, researching GPU performance monitoring techniques. I've even released a OneAgent plugin that can be used to obtain such monitoring data:"



Tomasz, thank you for the continuous help you provide for other Dynatrace Community members. Amazing job!

Once again, congratulations!