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Community Team
Community Team

Happy 2021 Everyone!

Our first Employee Member of the Month for 2021 comes from our Development Team, which couldn’t make us happier. @Tomasz W., thank you for being here and for helping our Community with questions about Synthetic! Getting knowledge about the feature from the person that is in the team that is working on it and creating it – it can’t get any better than that.


Can you tell a little bit about your professional life? What is your role in the company and what do you do in your job?
My current role is a principal software engineer in the Synthetic Core team. My tasks are mostly technical and related to the core backend of Synthetic monitoring.


What Dynatrace products do you use? What do you like the most about them?
As a developer, I use DT mostly to monitor the performance of Synthetic components (engines, scheduling, API). I really benefit from defining custom services and request attributes, the possibility of using plugins, having all the logs in one place. I’m also using built-in Java memory profiling tools with great results.



Have you ever had any interesting use case for the Dynatrace product, that you found out to be particularly intriguing? Could you tell us about it?

Once, I’ve managed to reduce the amount of allocated memory by Synthetic engines by ~50% after using the memory profiling option in DT. I was previously analyzing the Java Heap a few times, but the issue was not visible there. I had to look at top allocators for the 24h period to see the obvious imperfection. It took 2 minutes for DT to show me that.


Why do you contribute to the Community? What is your best memory about it?
I think replying to common problems on the Community has a positive effect on the number of opened support cases.

And how about your life outside the IT – what is your biggest passion?
Nowadays I mostly focus on raising my three little kids but I’m also really into swimming and reading books.


It would also be great if you could share with us your favorite movie, song and/or a book. Let other Community members discover something new and interesting to watch/hear/read 🙂
I really try to diverse the authors and types of books I read but If I was to pick something, I was greatly impressed by all the parts of the Asian Saga by James Clavell. When it comes to movies, my top directors are Quentin Tarantino, Terry Gilliam, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Pedro Almodovar


Awesome choice of movie directors, I can also wholeheartedly recommend all of them. Once again, thank you Tomek for the interview and for being a part of our Community.