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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Patrick H., the Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for July 2019!

Patrick joined Dynatrace in 2006, developing the AppMon client, mainly UI, Transaction Flow, and Sequence Diagram. Later, he moved to the mobile agent development and he’s currently the Team Lead of the mobile team responsible for they Dynatrace mobile app and the mobile agents.

In his daily work, Patrick uses mobile agent and Dynatrace SaaS. What he likes best about Dynatrace is “its ease of use, being accessible from everywhere, alerting me when there are troubles with our product and helping me in finding out what went wrong if there was a problem”.

Patrick is present in the forums almost every day. Contributing to a Community is a win-win situation: on one hand, Patrick helps others, but on the other hand, he also gets valuable product feedback. Here’s what he likes best about the Community:

“Problems showing up in the community help us to further improve our product – and it’s always a good feeling to be able to help someone. It’s a good way to get a quick response without the need to open a support ticket and there are many helpful and fast answering community members.”

When not developing the #1 software intelligence platform, Patrick enjoys spending time with his family and doing sports.

In my free time, I like running in nature, enjoying local 5k short track running events or Half Marathons and my yearly highlight the 27K Wolfgangseelauf around a beautiful lake. I’ve been also practicing Taekwondo for more than 20 years – currently holding 5th Dan black belt. I’m also passionate about 3D Archery. As spare time project I teamed up with some friends to create software solutions for archers like archery apps for iOS and Android (3D SKill Board) and an archery tournament solution (

Patrick, thank you for the continuous help you provide for other Dynatrace Community members. Amazing job!

Once again, congratulations!


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