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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Radoslaw S., the Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for June 2019!

Radek joined Dynatrace in 2010 as a Software Developer. He started in the NAM teams, and then moved to Dynatrace, writing the first lines of code of the Dynatrace Managed solution.

Currently, Radek focuses on Dynatrace Managed and Mission Control as a Development Team Leader. He’s passionate about agile development of a perfect software and growing hyper-effective teams. “My team counts 14 amazing people that likes each other in- and out-side the work and having in common ‘Life is great!’”, Radek says.

In his daily work, Radek uses “the one and only” Dynatrace SaaS/Managed. “I can’t imagine living without that when troubleshooting problems. As you can guess, we are monitoring Dynatrace with… Dynatrace, from the local test deployments through staging environment, up to the production.

Most of the Dynatrace users know Radek very well either from the forums or the last year’s Perform Barcelona conference. Radek is a Community member since its very beginning. Last month, he became #2 on the Community Leaderboard. When asked what motivates him to stay so active in the Community, Radek put it short:

“I’m an ex-indoor handball player, so what I highly value is teamwork. Community is a great place where You can help me, and I can help You. I’ll share with a pleasure all what I know about Dynatrace Managed and I would like you to share your concerns, questions, use cases to help me understand better your needs and pains and build even better Dynatrace. Obviously Dynatrace cannot implement all ideas or suggestions, but any feedback is valuable and brings us closer to the optimal solution.”

Although Radek is a Dynatrace power user, he’s still learning from real life examples. Here’s what he likes best about the Community:

“I appreciate very much high activity, willingness of all to help each other and self-service. It sometimes takes few minutes from posting a question or idea to have an answer! And it’s so satisfying seeing in your inbox that your response was accepted! Moreover, by the self-service, community actually help us doing right things and doing things right.

I’d love to see more posts how different users use Dynatrace. What problems they solve, how they configured it, integrated with other software. Kind of success or failures stories.”

Outside of work, Radek has played indoor handball for 15 years, ran a marathon, and is always open to new challenges. Besides that, Radek loves kizomba dance.

Radek, thank you for the continuous help you provide for other Dynatrace Community members. Amazing job!

Once again, congratulations!