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Community Team
Community Team


Dynatrace Community is proud to present the achievements of its members – employees from Dynatrace who represent core values of the company – learning, sharing experience, and focus on a customer.

This way of thinking and problem-solving mindset encourages Uros Djukic to help customers at every minute that he spends on the Community, so we are happy to share his story. Please, read more about @uros_djukic1 – the Employee Member of the Month for March.


Can you tell a little bit about your professional life? What is your role in the company and what do you do in your job? 

I’ve been swimming in APM World for 5 years now. I started to enjoy the IT sector at this period when I had the opportunity to play with Dynatrace’s playground.

More precisely, with AppMon (6.3 for nostalgic 😊) & DC RUM! I was on the other side, thus as a Dynatrace customer, I really saw the potential of these solutions. For the anecdote, I began with my Manager to build the Performance Team and to expand at the end of 3 exciting years to 9 people! What can I say, sometimes as luck would have it, and with the right Person (“Boulix dédicace!”) we can climb a mountain!  Nowadays, I’m enrolled for 2 years into Dynatrace House and I’m acting as a Consultant. “Eat problems for breakfast!”

If it could be encouraging others, my roots don’t really come from the “pure informatic field” rather Physics where I did a Ph.D.  This is the beauty of Dynatrace where each one of us has a chance to make his contribution. 


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What do you like the most about the Dynatrace platform? What parts of Dynatrace do you use?

The interaction and synergy between different people on heterogeneous topics. Dynatrace platform is a place to stay of « big data » where we are struggling, challenging, innovating relative to Moore’s law and outer layer of incoming of new technologies; Cloud is a good candidate!

I don’t limit myself, I sweep all fields (AI alerting, Dashboard, RUM & Synthetic, API, Architecture points, etc).

Have you ever had any interesting use case for the Dynatrace platform that you found to be particularly intriguing? Could you tell us about it?

When I was a customer, I have the opportunity to play with the first version of Dynatrace (Managed). As Business Analyst I have to use a different pattern for looking at data and to extract the right information of Root-Cause.

With the help of knowing very well customer’s context, I was able to shed light on the screen bugs. More accurately, the bug dealt with the Microsoft application (IIS/NET) and we had often this message “some data could not be collected (Error Code: C2), as a result of losing Purepath, thus not valuable. However I found a workaround that helps me to get Purepath but through another way you exploit data, definitively at this time there is a lack of web request ID during IIS processing.


What brought you to our Community? Why do you think it’s worth being a part of the Dynatrace Community?
To the Community brought me my thirst for learning. Kubernetes , Azure, AWS are at the cutting edge of technology topics and it is thrilling to find how our customers are struggling with different situations. I found out several times the same questions from my own customers, which are already yet posted into this Portal.

I really like the Dynatrace Q&A part of the Community.
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We are growing constantly and embracing new technologies, so we have to adapt and release new Dynatrace features in order and tackle them properly. Consequently, to be a part of the Dynatrace Community means for me that every day I have to be better than yesterday so I can help customers in the best way!

And how about your life outside IT – what is your biggest passion?

As a Family man, I enjoy this life with all duties and love. I want to outline that without my family I would not be the Man I am.

What about my hobbies? There’s a lot of this. Chess game since my childhood, I was even ranked on a national (memory lane). My favorite players: Rudolf Charousek, Mikhail Tal, Rashid Nezhmetdinov, Paul Keres. Metaphysics and Philosophy (Socrates, Lao Tzu, Baruch Spinoza, Johann Wolgang von Goethe, Jean-Paul Sartre). Painting, gardening, guitar, basket-ball, squash, video games.


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It would also be great if you could share with us your favorite movie, song and/or a book. Let other Community members discover something new and interesting to watch/hear/read.

Movies: Scent of a Woman (1992), Fight Club, Will Hunting, Mi Nismo Andjeli. And Quantum Leap - as a famous series from my childhood so have to quote Sam Beckett here:

"Leaping about in time, I've found that there are some things in life that I can't change, and there are some things that I can. To save a life, to change a heart, to make the right choice. I guess that's what life's about: making the right choice at the right time."

Song: so many (Toma Zdravkovic, Frank Sinatra, Tupac Shakur, etc), but if need to pick one “timeless” Maurice RAVEL – BOLERO



Providing places where customers can self-serve themselves are key elements of success for either side. As you’ve mentioned, you were a Dynatrace customer, and you really know how it is to be “on the other side”. We are happy that by using the Community on a daily basis you not only actively support customers at every step of their journey with Dynatrace but you grow and develop yourself along the way as well.