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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating James K., the Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for May!

James is a Guardian Consultant at
Dynatrace, working at and with customers to get the most out of their Dynatrace
product deployments. This can include following best practices as well as
extending and customizing the offerings to meet their unique
requirements. In his daily work, James enjoys getting to see diverse
environments and technologies and finding simple, efficient, and effective
solutions to problems and requirements.

Most of AppMon and Dynatrace SaaS/Managed users know
James very well as he’s one of the three most active Community users of all
time! James has also worked with the Classic Synthetic offerings and DC RUM to
a lesser extent. Only in April, James provided over 150
answers and comments to questions asked in the forums. One third of his answers
has been accepted as the best ones. When asked what motivates him to stay so
active in the Community, James said:

I'm passionate about making information available
to everyone so when I see something I have experience with I enjoy helping
out. The community was one of the best resources I had when initially learning
the products, so I feel like I'm just returning the favor when I answer

Although James is a Dynatrace power user, he’s still
learning from others. This is what he likes best about the Community:

“I enjoy seeing all of the diverse and interesting use
cases that members come across in their work. Not only can you see the problems
others have come across but also the creative solutions that you may not have
thought of in the past.”

Besides his passion for APM, James has a couple of
other hobbies:

“I enjoy consuming stories whether that be in the form of books (fiction
or non-fiction), movies, television, or even video games. I also follow
all of the professional sports teams from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.
I love working in tech but it's nice to have distractions such as these every
now and then!”

James, thank you for the continuous help you provide
for other Dynatrace Community members. Amazing job!

Once again, congratulations!