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Community Team
Community Team

Please join us in congratulating Kris Z., the Dynatrace Employee Member of the
Month for September!

Kris is a Technology Strategist
at Dynatrace, focusing on the Dynatrace Network Application Monitoring (NAM).
He has 25 years of experience working in the software industry, as a
software developer, systems architect, sales engineer, and product manager. For
the last 10 years, Kris has been driving the Dynatrace NAM product evolution.
He’s passionate about making Dynatrace products useful in solving the real-life

Most of the NAM users (if not all!) know Kris very
well as he’s a speaker at every Perform conference and has already hosted
several Community webinars on new and specific NAM capabilities. In his daily
work, Kris uses Dynatrace NAM, primarily, and the Dynatrace Managed - integrated with
the NAM, also touching Synthetic and occasionally RUM. He also spent some time
with Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring and Network Analyzer.

Kris is a Community member since its very beginning. Last month, he provided the most answers marked as "the best". When asked what motivates him to stay so active
in the Community, Kris put it short:

“Responsibility. I’m a
part of the product team and we are responsible for what we bring to the market
- it needs to work and benefit the customers. We shall help them get most out
of what we delivered and also learn from them what we should do better.”

Although Kris is a Dynatrace
power user, he’s still learning from others. Here’s what he likes best about
the Community:

Practical product usage cases brought up by the
members, which brings real-life verification to the assumptions all product
teams made. This is invaluable feedback to the product strategy.”

Besides his passion for solving the
real-life challenges, Kris loves
running. “The
worse the weather, the better 🙂
”, he says.

Kris, thank you for the
continuous help you provide for other Dynatrace Community members. Amazing job!

Once again, congratulations!