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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Community!

This month we want to award someone that helped us a lot in the DC RUM/NAM forum for many years. The Employee Member of the Month for September 2020 is Erik Soderquist - let’s give him a huge applause! As a Senior Technical Support Engineer, @Erik S. answered over a hundred of our users’ questions, helping them know the product much better. He’s been in the Top 40 Leaderboard of All time for a long time, so it’s finally time to know him a little better and celebrate his presence in the forum.

Have you ever had any interesting use case for the Dynatrace product, that you found out to be particularly intriguing? Could you tell us about it?

A customer used the DC RUM/NAM alerts to watch for malicious attack URLs and when the alert fires to their SNMP trap with the client IP address that sent the malicious URL, the trap receiver then used that to automatically ban the client IP address at the front firewall level for the next 24 hours

I helped the customer work through configuring the AMD/NAM Probe and the alerting engine to recognize their list of malicious URLs.

Why do you contribute to the Community? What is your best memory about it?And how about your life outside the IT – what is your biggest passion?

My biggest passion outside of IT/work I would have to say is experimenting with new ideas. I'm currently playing with gardening designs to make the garden itself less dependent on human interaction for watering/weeding/etc. with an emphasis low-tech, so it still works in the event of catastrophic tech failure.

It would also be great if you could share with us your favorite movie, song and/or a book. Let other Community members discover something new and interesting to watch/hear/read.

Favorite movie is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Thank you for your insights into NAM and for being here, Erik! Love your pictures from the garden, looks like you’ve created a little oasis for yourself there!