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Community Team
Community Team

Did you know that the Community Management industry has its own celebration? Similar to the Programmer's Day in September? 🙂 It's always on the fourth Monday of January, and we're going to celebrate throughout the entire week!

Let's start with the history of the Dynatrace Community, first :dynahistory:



Once upon a time, there was Dynatrace, and it had fantastic users who needed a space to collaborate. And there was this Dynatrace magician known as @andreas_grabner, who made their wish come true. 

In 2010, the first AppMon forum was established. It was built on Confluence and didn’t have all the online community fireworks. But it had a driver and user engagement.  

In 2015, it was high time to move to a real forum platform and build a real team around the Dynatrace Community. 

Forum platform, 2015Forum platform, 2015

Back then, we still had our classic products (do you remember AppMon, DC RUM, Synthetic, or Keynote?). We had a dedicated Community Manager for each product line, and we started building our first real engagement programs.  

In June 2016, we launched the monthly Member of the Month awards that we keep to these days. 

The first Member of the Month graphicThe first Member of the Month graphic

In the meantime, we started working on a brand-new product called Ruxit, which had its own forum instance. It was then renamed Dynatrace, and its Community was merged with the global company Community instance on December 5th, 2016. 

Since then, a lot has changed, including the Community platform migration in 2021. The Dynatrace Community has become much more than a bunch of online forums. It has a lively Product Ideas section, with a Feedback channel forum for proactive communication about new features. It has user groups and Community live events, such as Ask-Me-Anything sessions. And we’re proud of the very first super user program at Dynatrace, DynaMights. 


User groups, January 2023User groups, January 2023


This place wouldn’t exist without our Community members. Many of you were with us throughout all these years. Many of you stayed with us, although changing companies two or three times in the meantime 🙂 Thank you! 

Let’s build this history further together! 🙌