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Community Team
Community Team

It took a while, but they are finally here - label notifications are back! 

You can now subscribe to every label in every subforum in the Dynatrace Community and each time a new content appears about it, you will get an email notification in your mailbox and alert in the notification box (you can find it, by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner, next to FAQ and you avatar picture). Don't miss out on anything and be always up-to-date with everything going on around the topics, you are most interested in!

To subscribe to a label, just click on it and click a "Follow this label" link:


Remember, that labels are connected to the subforums at the moment - so sometimes, you have to follow the same label in different places like, for example, "synthetic monitoring" both in Dynatrace Q&A and in Dynatrace product ideas.

You can also check out all the labels, that you are subscribing to in your profile page, in "Subscribed labels" section.