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Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Hello Dynatrace Community! 

We want to introduce you to a new space within the Dynatrace Community, the DQL Forum.   

With announcing Grail in October 2022, the data lakehouse for observability and security analysis and automation, we also introduced the Dynatrace Query Language (DQL). You can use the power of DQL to search, parse, filter, sort, and aggregate all data stored and available within Grail. DQL is purpose-built for observability and security use cases. It gives teams maximum flexibility and control for ad-hoc analysis while enabling AI-powered answers and automation. 

We’re observing a huge adoption of DQL and to accelerate this adoption even more, we have launched a new forum where people can learn from each other, exchange DQL queries and find answers to their questions.   

If you want to get more knowledge and exchange use cases with other Dynatrace users start right away and visit the DQL forum.

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To learn more about DQL, access the following resources:

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