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Community Team
Community Team

Dear All,

If I were to sum up the recent Perform 2020, it was all about transformation, automation, and you – the Dynatrace community. The AMAZING community.

Every year, we use the opportunity at the Dynatrace Perform conference to recognize those who went above and beyond their daily work to contribute to the Community. There’s no better way to say thank you than on the main stage!

Customer Community Rock Star Award

Our first recognition went to Larry Roberts from Gordon Food Service!

Larry was our Community Member of the Month for February 2019. He’s active in the Dynatrace forums almost every day, providing valuable feedback and engaging in the discussions with other Community members. In 2019, Larry contributed to the Dynatrace Community over 200 times. He submitted 58 product ideas and asked 40 questions, as well as replied to or commented on many other forum posts.

Congratulations, Larry! Amazing job!

Partner Community Rock Star Award

Our second recognition went to Sebastian Krystosik from Spica Solutions!

Sebastian has been awarded the Community Member of the Month and the Community award at Partner Summit in Barcelona. He contributes to the Dynatrace Community every day. In 2019, Sebastian contributed to the Dynatrace forums over 2000 (two thousand!) times. He’s in the top 5 Community members of all time. Thanks to Sebastian, the average time to first answer in the Dynatrace forums decreased significantly. Congratulations, Sebastian! Outstanding job!

Please join me in congratulating our two awardees!

Karolina Linda

Dynatrace Senior Community Manager