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Community Team
Community Team

2019 has been a challenging, but also a very rewarding year. We're extremely happy that we've grown the Dynatrace Community team, proud of the Dynatrace's IPO, and grateful for all the efforts that you put into building the Dynatrace Community into such a valuable place!

Last year, almost 3,000 new questions and over 1,500 new product ideas arrived in the forum!

What else happened in 2019

Forum platform upgrade 

In May, we upgraded the forum platform to a new version that included a brand new text editor and more forum options for all Community users.

New Community User Guide 

In June, we rewritten our Community User Guide to help you get started in the forums and summarize the most important forum features.

Community newsletter 

In December, we introduced a monthly newsletter about the things that happen around our Dynatrace Community.

2019 Community Recognition Awards

Once again, a big shout-out to all our 2019 awardees!

Community Rock Stars

Last year, our highest honor was given out at the Dynatrace Perform 2019 conference to Bill Scheuernstuhl and Patrick Hofmann.

At Perform 2020, we are going to recognize Dynatrace Community power users of the year 2019! Don’t miss the ceremony! See you in Las Vegas!

All the best for 2020!

Dynatrace Community Team


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