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Community Team
Community Team

Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) is an annual celebration in the community industry, always taking place in January. This year, it’s on January 24, 2022. :tada:

It’s an opportunity for everyone in and around the industry to appreciate the incredible work community builders do every day.


I’m proud to recognize the great achievements of the Dynatrace Community team: @MaciejNeumann@Michal_Gebacki, and @AgataWlodarczyk:clap:


Our Community is a valued digital space for our customers and partners, and it’s a critical part of the Dynatrace business. It takes real engagement and dedication to manage and run this space, and I want to thank the Community team for everything they do to make our members feel at home. Please join me in wishing them a Happy Community Management Appreciation Day! 🤗


Pssst! We're planning to celebrate through the entire week, so stay tuned for some interesting statistics, fun facts, and other information about the Dynatrace Community team! 😉


Celebrating CMAD 2022!Celebrating CMAD 2022!