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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Community! :dynaspin:


As some of you might've noticed already, Dynatrace Community grows constantly every month. April has started a little bit more than 1 week ago, but it already welcomed more than 200 users. Some of them had the opportunity to leave a footprint! Please warmly welcome a group of the latest 15 newcomers who joined our board in the latest week and started their careers as actively posting users! :tada:

@alcan2, @BernardMatagne, @bJohnson, @consdba, @ctuttle48, @dhamo1986, @GuyR, @jdkuser08, @JDS, @Nirakarchanda, @nvnbs, @pt190, @Ralphm3, @rseibert, and @satya_narayana!


We hope you've found what you were looking for so far - and we're having our fingers crossed for your longer stay 😃 Thank you for building the Dynatrace Community with us, feel welcome here every day!