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Community Team
Community Team


Hello Cesar! Shed some light on your life’s journey.

My story with the IT world started when I was in a secondary high school and began using Windows NT (2001 year) with the first computer game, Mario Bros. Curiously, that same year, my parents bought me and my brother a video game console (Nintendo) that we used every weekend for many hours even disassembly it to know what were the pieces inside of. At the school, I learned how to use a PC, navigate through the interface, use the apps, and find webpages in the search engines. All this new knowledge interested me to study careers like computing programming, systems engineering, computational technics, and many others soon. I remember a video that shocked me, and it was when I saw Steve Jobs' presentation of the first iPhone on YouTube in 2007. This was very impressive and revolutionary for me. Even though I already knew certain technologies, this was new and fascinating. After that, I began to delve deeper into general technologies. I was passionate about programming languages at the beginning (2010). Still, I liked business consulting and helping companies improve their processes using enterprise software from vendors like Microsoft, Microfocus, IBM, and many others. I knew Dynatrace when I started my career in 2017 at a Dynatrace partner like pre-sales. After a few years, I was invited to be part of the recruitment process for the role of service consultant in 2020. Since then, I've been a Dynatracer in this part of the region (LATAM).

LEFT: Casual teammates dinner. / RIGHT:  Poker night with teammates.LEFT: Casual teammates dinner. / RIGHT: Poker night with teammates.

Tell us about your work and what interesting things you’re working on.

I try to make my work varied, complementing it with constant reading and self-learning. I always try to find myself busy doing something I really like. I try to focus on doing things well for the benefit of our clients and obviously leave knowledge or learning for my career. 

Right now, I am in a transition stage, changing my role (as a Sales Engineer), and trying to ensure that the new activities I carry out can generate value and demand in the organization. In this new adventure, I find myself at a stage where I have a lot of experience in the technology market. Moving to a sales engineering team can be a strategic career decision, as it combines technical expertise with sales acumen, enabling direct customer interaction and a significant impact on company revenue.

LEFT: Dynatrace All Tour, Lima, Peru / RIGHT: Dynatrace Services Team.LEFT: Dynatrace All Tour, Lima, Peru / RIGHT: Dynatrace Services Team.

What makes you excited about being a part of the Dynatrace?

I think the most accurate answer is all-in-one. There is a great work environment, very good people in all the teams, and a 100% innovative company. The leaders allow all people to be recognized and obtain local, regional, and global visibility. Dynatrace is a unique company with its own values, which makes us different in the industry. 

What makes Dynatrace Community important to you?

I like to be active and deliver constant value to the Community. This allows me to be recognized for my experience and knowledge and to increase my network of people. The fundamental role of the Community is to generate knowledge and debate, always be at the forefront of technology, challenge each of us to be experts in some topic or characteristic of the platform, and constantly teach and learn.


"Community helps people grow personally, professionally and generates knowledge for everyone who gets involved in it."


Tell us something about you that most people don’t know. What is your biggest joy or passion in life?

Well, my passion in life is always to be updated on technologies, industry trends, etc. This is related to business, but in my personal life, what I am most passionate about is watching and playing soccer. I am convinced that life without soccer can’t exist. Another of my personal passions is watching my family grow, especially my son, who, at just 6 years old, has a great future ahead of him. Being a guide in his growth is the best thing that could have happened to me in my life.

Another very personal thing to me is always having family close, connecting with them, having fun, and spending an afternoon barbecue or a weekend sharing adventures. My personal message is: "Always keep your family together, and then your happiness will be splendid."

Me and my family. :)Me and my family. 🙂

My wish list has some particularities, but I wouldn't change traveling with my family to see and learn about new cultures for anything. Maybe Europe is our next adventure, including visiting some soccer stadiums and watching big team matches.