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Community Team
Community Team

Dear Dynatrace Community,


It's with great pleasure to announce that this year's Community Rock Star Awards go to @ChadTurner and @AntonioSousa!


If you're a frequent Community visitor, you know both these names very well. 


The Most Valuable Customer Contributor

This individual is incredibly active, not only in the Community, but acting as a Dynatrace advocate way beyond.


He visits the forums on a daily basis and contributes to the Community significantly.

  • He earned almost all possible Community badges.
  • He provided over 3,000 contributions to the Dynatrace forums and received almost 2,000 kudos.
  • He helps to develop and grow the Community by providing constant feedback to the Dynatrace Community team.
  • He’s one of the most recognized Community super users called DynaMights.

We’d like to congratulate our Most Valuable Customer Contributor: Chad Turner from Geico :tada:




The Most Valuable Partner Contributor

Let’s now turn to the most valuable partner contributor.

  • He's a huge fan of security topics.
  • He's always first to innovate together and respond to any surveys and feedback requests.
  • He's very engaged in the Dynatrace Community and the Community gives that engagement back through over 1,000 kudos 👍
  • He’s in the Community almost 24/7 and as one of just two Community members, he earned a badge for visiting the forums for 100 consecutive days! Including weekends!

The winner of the Most Valuable Partner Contributor Award is: Antonio Sousa from Marketware :tada:




Congratulations on these well-deserved awards! 👏