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Community Team
Community Team

Stars, stars, stars... we have so many of you on the Community and would love to reward you all for your contributions.  What can we do first, is to say THANK YOU! Our Community is so great because of you, as Community is you. 🤗

Every year, at Perform, Dynatrace recognises the biggest contributors to Dynatrace, and the Community team participates in this recognition by awarding two Community members the Community Rock Star Awards.  Award is dedicated to customers and partners who enrich, engage with, and empower by helping others, constantly learning, and sharing knowledge across the Dynatrace Community.

Rewards small.jpg

This year, special attention among Community Stars deserved Kenny Gillette @Kenny_Gillette and Janos Mizsei @Mizső, who were granted the titles of Community Rock Stars by the Community team.

🌟 The most valuable customer 🌟

P24_PPT_CustomerAwards_Customer .jpg


We're proud to present this year's award to Kenny Gillette @Kenny_Gillette from Experian. Kenny's been a part of the Community since October 2017. Since the beginning, he's always been ready to help and share knowledge with fellow members – it's what made him our Member of the Month for January 2022

With 1199 kudos received, Community users appreciate Kenny’s involvement through his posts and replies. Kenny also shares a lot of his insights and ideas with the Community team, making our forum a better place. 

As one of the first 20 Community members, Kenny is an important part of our Super User program, DynaMights, and we’re excited to name him our Community Rock Star of 2024.

Kenny couldn't join us at Perform this year, but as you can see the award has found its way to land in his hands. 

Kenny small.jpg


‌‌🌟 The most valuable partner ‌‌🌟


We're thrilled to give this year's second award to János Mizsei @Mizső from Telvice.

Janos has been a big part of the Community since February 2022. From the beginning, János was very eager to learn with the Community, and also help other forum members. He climbed the ranks so fast that he joined the amazing group of DynaMights in October 2022, and was named the Member of the Month a short time later, in November. 

In the time he's been with us, he's shared 643 posts and 136 solutions and earned 69 badges – numbers that speak for themselves. Always helpful and funny, János represents Dynatrace at various events, meet-ups, and conferences, and even organises his very own - a Hungarian Dynatracers meet-up series called Dynatrace PUB


Once again, Kenny and János, you both rule!
So all Community users, please, join us in congratulating them both, as they truly deserved it!

And if you ask yourself now: what do I need to do to be awarded the Community Rock Star next year?
The answer is... Be active, be awesome! 😃 Stand out in the Dynatrace Community, write valuable posts, innovative product ideas, tip articles, or answer questions from other members of the forum. Just by doing this, you'll get noticed and become a strong candidate for the next year. Keep up the good work! And who knows... maybe we will see you on the stage of Perform '25. 😉