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Community Team
Community Team

When we were stepping into 2020 a year ago, we were full of enthusiasm and hope to meet you at various conferences, meetups, and other events. The things turned out completely different from what we’ve thought. Our Perform conference was the last event of 2020 where we could chat face to face.

Although it’s still hard to tell when we’ll meet in person again, we strongly believe it will happen sooner than later. With that being said, we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!

2020 Highlights

Last year, we introduced a couple of changes to our forums and improved numerous things for your benefit, including:

  • A regular, monthly Community newsletter
  • Community challenges as an additional way of earning reputation points and prizes
  • New forum banners and branding

It was also a busy year from the forum moderation perspective: you asked 1,800 new questions and submitted 1,700 product ideas!

2020 Community Recognition Awards

Once again, a big shout-out to all our Member of the Month awardees. Congratulations!

Community Rock Stars

Last year, our highest honor was given out at the Dynatrace Perform conference to Larry Roberts and Sebastian Krystosik.

At Perform 2021, we’re going to recognize the most valuable Dynatrace Community contributors of the year 2020!


All the best for 2021!

The Dynatrace Community Team