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Community Team
Community Team

Dear All,

This year's Christmas break is more than just well-deserved. We all have truly earned it.

It was a difficult year, there's no doubt about that. Who would have thought that just a month after our Perform conference in Las Vegas, we'll be sitting isolated at our homes?

2020 was definitely a year of Zoom. Or MS Teams. Just put the right teleconference software name here. For the last couple of months, it was basically the only way to connect with others. Also for the Dynatrace Community team.

It was a year full of "Can you see my screen?", "You're breaking up", and "I need to jump on another call". Let the New Year be full of "It's good to see you in person again"!

We wish you a healthy and peaceful Christmas time. Recharge your batteries and come back to the Dynatrace forums full of positive energy 🙂

Stay safe!

The Dynatrace Community Team