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Community Team
Community Team



"I came, I saw, I helped."


It seems to be the motto of all our DynaMights :dynamight:, and especially our new Community Legend, @Julius_Loman

Let's take a moment and celebrate both him and his invaluable contribution to shaping the culture around our product through being a helping hand that every member of the Community can always rely on 🎉



Julius joined the Community back in 2017, and has been among the most active and loyal members ever since.

One of the things we love about him is that you can spot him in every corner of our forum and almost every day! Asking insightful questions, helping others solve their problems, sharing his experiences with the product, and just bonding with other Dynatrace enthusiasts 😉


Julius with Mark Kaplan at Perform 2023Julius with Mark Kaplan at Perform 2023


with other DynaMight, Janos, in front of HQ in Linz at Amplify 2023with other DynaMight, Janos, in front of HQ in Linz at Amplify 2023


We recognised his extraordinary activity on the forum early on, back in 2018 awarding him with the Community Member of the Month award.


Julius with Andi Grabner and a colleague, Bohdan Špes, at Perform 2023Julius with Andi Grabner and a colleague, Bohdan Špes, at Perform 2023



Julius also has been a guest star of the Dynatrace Tips and Tricks series with Andi Grabner, you can watch it here


We could talk about Julius all day, but maybe we should let the numbers speak themselves:

  • He has almost 80 badges to his name,
  • Over 2,500 posts authored,
  • 2,500 kudos received,
  • And, most importantly, 797 solutions, making Julius the author of the highest number of accepted answers in our Community to the day!


Besides being an exemplary DynaMight in all ways possible, Julius is generally a great guy with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We know that in addition to sharing all that knowledge with other members of our Community, he's definitely passing some of that attitude to his sons 😉 


Julius and his family in RomeJulius and his family in Rome


Congratulations to you, Julius, and once again, huge THANK YOU for all the hard work you do! 




It's not every day that legends are born, and our Community has been lucky to become a home to (at least, for now 😉) two!

Cheers to many more in the future! 🥂