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Community Team
Community Team

2. Community highlights - April 2023.png


Hello, Community friends! 🖐



🆕 Dynatrace Community updates


👉 Dynatrace Community recently reached new highs: now it consists of more than 60.000 members!

👉 We've finished the first large quarterly product idea review of 2023! Over the last 2 months, we've synced with 40 various Product Managers from numerous Dynatrace product areas, reviewing more than 1.000 product ideas assigned with status "new". If you've already noticed some updates on your ideas - that's the reason! If not yet... Stay tuned.

👉 One small button on the main page, one giant leap for the Community: we've improved our "Community sign in" button for our non-logged users. Now it's better visible, quickly catches attention and easily distinguishes from log-in button for Dynatrace.

👉 Another community tip has been published, this time about available support resources:  we've talked about how to successfully search for existing content within the Community and Documentation, where to find learning materials about Dynatrace, and more.

👉 Make sure to check the summary of Perform 2023 and Community Rock Star Awards


🔥 March's hottest discussions



Community topics



easyTravel Documentation and Download 1549


Dynatrace associate exam preparation 488


Introducing new Kubernetes metrics for improved user experience (and deprec... 455


Dynatrace technology support roadmap 439


HTTP status codes 970-979 382


No module named 'cx_Oracle' 339


Dynatrace & DotNet 7 328


Dynatrace Associate certification mock exam 322


What does Network IO time mean? 320


Export Dashboard data into CSV 300



💡 Last month's product idea updates


# Product idea name Votes Updated status
1 RFE: Fine Tune specific change monitoring settings based on MGMT Zones 117 Completed
2 Import geographic regions from CSV file option was replaced with the Configuration API 35 Not planned
3 Frequent Issue option set at more granular levels 28 Not planned
4 RFE:Dynatrace3.0/Configure whether to receive Problem push notifications for each ManagementZone 24 Candidate
5 Live USQL for the last step a customer stopped on 23 Not planned
6 Global request naming rules UI improvement 22 Planned
7 Log Monitoring - Global Exclude/Include Rule 19 Completed
8 RFE Release Notes 18 Candidate
9 Lower Level Error Visibility & Handling for HTTP Checks 18 Under review
10 RFE: Limits for different license types in DPS model 17 Under review
11 Auto-instrumentation for MAUI 17 Started
12 [RFE] Make 'Called By' available for naming rules and filters of services 17 Not planned
13 [RFE] Customize/adjust frequency of notifications on ActiveGate tokens expiry 16 Indirectly addressed
14 [RFE] Compare system load with number of CPU cores 15 Planned
15 Server/Host UPTIME Monitoring 12 Started
16 Filter Lambda Functions/Custom Devices on AWS Kinesis Data Stream Metrics 11 Planned
17 Network Observability - Ability to collect Netflow or equivalent 11 Started
18 RFE: Ability to disable event merging 10 Indirectly addressed
19 Filtering alerts on Dynatrace application for mobile devices 9 Completed
20 RFE: Add message shown in Problem card to Problem details in the API 9 Completed



👀 Must-see threads


We need your feedback:

👉 Feedback channel for FinOps within Dynatrace


Tips and tricks:

👉 Optimize Windows ActiveGates resource usage

👉 DQL Tips and Tricks - Parsing Log Data Across a Multi-Line Log

👉 PRO TIP - New Metric Host Availability State



Video tips and tricks 🎥:

👉 Dynatrace Tips & Tricks – Episode #8 with Chad Turner 

👉 Dynatrace Tips & Tricks – Episode #9 with Arijan Zenuni - Monaco 2.0

👉 Introducing Monaco 2.0 – Dynatrace Configuration as Code



👉 z/OS monitoring went down after AG update

👉 Troubleshooting your z/OS monitoring: Common Issues

👉 Troubleshooting your z/OS monitoring: Covering the basics

👉 Container issues and initial information gathering

Heads-up From Dynatrace:

👉 Enabling of Node.js GraphQL feature caused high memory overhead and response time degradation

👉 Update External Vault Integration for Harshicorp KV Secrets Engine version 2



🔝 March's top contributors


3. Top users - April 2023.png


We're so glad our Community is full of helpful and engaged people! Thank you: 

@soportetr@radek_jasinski@michiel_otten@AntonPineiro@ckyeo@asant257, and @Romanenkov_Al3x!

Additional shout-out to those whose names we see on this list for the first time!


👏  Additional round of applause


🌟 @radek_jasinski@AntonPineiro and @Mohamed_Hamdy for helping newcomers so generously this month! Keep up the good work 😉

🌟 @alicedicarlo and @alexoakes for authoring two most popular product ideas of the month!

🌟  @Dynoobtracer for proving that there are still usernames that could make the Community team giggle in surprise 😆

🌟 @dannemca for sharing with us the heartfelt story of volunteering for his local community in the Active Learner challenge! We love to see proof of that big heart of yours ❤️

🌟 @SachinJindal for join us for the first time in our Community challenge section! To many more in the future!

🌟 Our awesome DynaMights for proactivity and can-do attitude! Thank you for turning every complication into an opportunity to help others. True heroes of our Community 💪



🏆 Members of the Month


4. MOMs - April 2023.png


Make sure to read the latest interviews with our extraordinarily engaged Community member and Dynatracer of the Month! Get to know them better either from a professional or after-hours perspective! 😎


🔎 The March challenge overview


Last month we've asked Dynatrace Community members to share their favorite methods and resources for expanding knowledge. We've let people interpret this subject freely, just like knowledge can be absorbed. Books, websites, courses, webinars, YouTube channels... The sky is the limit!


The "Active Learner" badgeThe "Active Learner" badge


🌟 16 answers submitted so far!

🌟 Methods of effective learning knowledge on Dynatrace & more!

🌟 Valuable sources of knowledge shared!



Take the Active Learner challenge!



🗓 Events and webinars in April - save the date!


event DT.png



 📅 Wednesday, April 12, 2023

👉 Participate


 📅 Thursday, April 13, 2023

👉  Participate

DT demo.png

 📅 Thursday, April 13, 2023

👉 Participate


 📅 Tuesday, April 18, 2023

👉 Participate

DT demo.png

 📅 Thursday, April 27, 2023

👉 Participate



🔜 What's to look forward to?


👉 "New" product ideas review

In deep collaboration with invincible Dynatrace Product Managers, we're focusing on product ideas submitted in the Community that didn't receive status update yet. Expect another round of updates in the upcoming weeks of April!


👉 Focusing on newcomers

We consequently verify and improve our strategy in terms of managing content in the Dynatrace Community. Lately we're focusing on the newest users of our forum, making every forum member noticed properly since the very beginning!


👉  New Community Challenge - APRIL 17, 2023

Big news and updates are on cards regarding Dynatrace in April. Expect an exciting, slightly nostalgic Community Challenge in the middle of the month!



🗣 We need your feedback!


01. FinOps.png

👉  Take a quick survey!

Help us understand better where Dynatrace may be improved to fulfil requirements from this emerging cloud cost transparency, -analysis, and -control discipline. Survey is open till the end of April.


All the best, and see you in May! 🌻


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