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Hello dear Community!

It's time to share our latest Community news for the previous month: top contributors, hottest discussions, biweekly challenges, forum stats, members of the month, and much more. Enjoy!

Top contributors

Thanks to all who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month! It’s members like you who make our Community truly great. Special shout out to:

  • Chad T. – for your impressive unanswered question cleanup. We really appreciate that you provided a valuable answer to plenty of questions from 2018. Overall, in March you added 52 answers and 27 comments!
  • Sebastian K. – for your enormous Community support. Just in March, you provided very much appreciated and helpful 52 answers and 22 comments to different types of questions.
  • Patrick H. – for your active come back to the community providing plenty of useful answers and comments. Specially thank you for creating so well-thought answer to the Moving Dynatrace configuration between installations question.
  • Henk S. – for being the most curious member of the previous month. Thank you for asking 16 valued questions!
  • Akshay S. – for being the second most curios member with 10 questions asked.
  • Julius L. – for your amazing effort providing 25 answers and 31 comments.
  • Roberto I. – for creating the most voted product idea for March: Access to detail geolocation map without login

Hottest discussions

The most commented and answered posts for the previous month:

  • Difference between 'Billed' vs 'Unbilled' in DEM Unit Consumption
  • Difference Between HTTP Monitor vs Browser Monitor
  • Dedicated container in Kubernetes for Dynatrace RUM
  • Problem analysis for HTTP monitor
  • Log monitoring for active gate synthetic log
  • Moving Dynatrace configuration between installations

Those were just a few of the engaging discussions last month, what did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

Biweekly challenges

  • Till the 9th of April, you can participate in the Home Office Challenge. Let us know how you have transformed your home to the office and earn 120 reputation points! We are very curious to see what challenges you are facing.

Here you can see the latest submissions. Did you already submit yours? 🙂

  • We also ran the “Road to Community” Challenge where we encouraged our Community members to share the reason for joining the Dynatrace Community. See below the most voted answers:

Forum stats


Out of 140 product ideas submitted in March:

2 completed | 3 started | 4 planned | 9 under review | 8 accepted | 13 not planned | 5 indirectly addressed | 1 duplicate | 1 on hold

The status changes in March, out of all the product ideas submitted over time:
35 completed | 4 started | 25 planned | 57 under review | 25 accepted |36 not planned | 20 indirectly addressed | 12 duplicate | 1 on hold


The most used tags

Product Ideas Forum Open Q&A forum


Members of the month

Meet our most active community members from the last month and check out their stories.

Community Member of the Month
Domenico B.

"Share and learn”. “Give back” to the community what you receive. “Be curious, stay hungry”. Learn every day something new and never stop. Today, this is my style. I like to share my experience and learn from others. This is one of the reasons why I’m part of the community."
Employee Member of the Month
Justin H.

"I mainly contribute to hide the fact that I get a lot more from it than I give. I try to read some of the questions and answers posted on the forum every morning. It helps me come into contact with different parts of the product on a daily basis."


Recent changes made to forum tags:



  • diagnostic tools: for CPU analysis, memory analysis, and process crashes.
  • davis assistant: for a conversational interface that enables you to ask common performance-related questions in chat applications and voice-enabled devices and gain actionable insight into your Dynatrace monitoring data through natural language responses and chart visualizations.


  • hosts and host monitoring into host monitoring
  • chart and dashboard into dashboard
  • gui and ui into gui

Dynatrace news

Upcoming webinars

Unanswered questions

Here are some questions which are still waiting for your contributions. It's a great chance to be helpful to other members, build a good reputation amongst your peers and earn points.

  • Does Dynatrace OneAgent support Camel monitoring for Talend application?
  • Azure Webapps background thread with CPU usage but no Method Hotspots
  • Resource usage Oracle "former plugin"

To see more unanswered questions, click here!

Did we miss anything out? Let us know in the comments what do you want to see in the next news article. See you in the Dynatrace Community!

Laima Vainina
Community Moderator