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Community Team
Community Team

Hello, dear Community members!


How are your summer vacations so far? We hope you're getting back to work recharged and full of new energy. Summer months don't prevent you from contributing to the Dynatrace Community nor the Community team from innovating, so let's see what interesting happened recently and what is planned soon!


Dynatrace Community highlights

  • 💡 In July, there were 133 new questions and 164 new product ideas submitted.
  • 👋 We welcomed 361 new Community members.
  • 📑 You asked, we implemented: the new sorting options are now available in the Q&A forums!
  • 📜 We extended the number of posts listed in the forum feed from 15 to 25.
  • 🛡 We changed the order of the badges displayed in your profile, starting with limited-edition badges, then all regular Community badges, and finally - legacy badges.
  • ⚙️ We removed the duplicate Options menu in the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum on a single idea level. Now the post options are available only from the drop-down on the post title level: product_ideas_menu.png











Top contributors last month

Kudos and big THANK YOU for all your contributions!

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The most engaging posts last month

The most commented posts in the previous month:


Community Members of the Month for August

Meet our great Community members: @Malaik and @lauren_mcmichae, and learn more about their Dynatrace journey! 


Take the Emote challenge!

The introduction of the new emojis was so well-received that we decided to extend that set even further: this time, with your help!

Share your favorite emotes that you would like to see in the forums and earn 100 bonus points. Every participant can share up to 3 emotes. 

It can be your favorite Slack smiley that you miss and would like to see in the Community. It can be an icon of a particular technology if you want it to be represented in the custom emotes. It can be a short dancing animation if you think there should be a new way to celebrate posts in the Community. Go ahead and join the challenge!


What's coming

We're planning to introduce new Community features very soon! In the upcoming days and weeks, you can expect:

  • Better tailored content and new widgets in the individual subforums.
  • Colorful idea statuses, with purple shades for those still open, green shades for those on the roadmap, blue for indirectly addressed, and light red for not planned.
  • Reduced white space in the forums, especially on the comments level.
  • Some news regarding the Super User program 😉
  • New Community team members! :tada:


See you in the Dynatrace Community! 

The Dynatrace Community team