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  • Take the survey to help us better understand your Dynatrace use cases: [Research] Naming a new entity 

  • Check out an article about Self-Service Portal development by George Teodorescu:
    Dynatrace's API enables self-service 

Top contributors

Thank you, everyone, who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month, it’s members like you who make our community truly great. Special shout out to:

  • Chad T.  - for creating 2 educational articles: How to use other colors in charts and graphs  and Maximizing the Markdown Tile . In addition to that, you also cleaned up the forum by answering 151 questions from 2018 and 2019. Thanks to you, we now have no unanswered questions in the Dynatrace Open Q&A forum.

  • Davide D.  - for submitting so thoughtful and organized product idea: RUM Missing Features – Overview 

  • Alexandre M.  - for sharing your insights about Performance Clinic webinar Davis Data Units Explained . Feedback from our customers is always highly appreciated.



Hottest discussions

Take a look at the forum posts which received a lot of views and our Community members engaged the most!

  • AG Remote Plugins: varying metrics 

  • Does Dynatrace monitor SSL certificate validation 

  • Process group naming challenge 

  • Easy way to disable the Automatically inject real user monitoring 

Biweekly challenges

  • Till the 26th of August, you can participate in the new challenge "Holidays with Dynatrace" 
    If you are planning to go on vacation soon take something Dynatrace branded with you. Don't forget to take a picture and share it in the forum!

  • Check out also our previous challenges: Productivity tips  and Overcoming complexity !

Members of the month

Read two insightful interviews with helpful Dynatrace Community members:

  • Employee Member of the month: Piotr L.  
    “My favorite feeling about Community is when I can reach out to existing questions to say - hey, you're right, we introduced this use case! Makes me feel having the real impact of other people's work."

  • Community Member of the month: Mikhal A.  
    “I like our Community for the speed and quality of the response. There are many cool people who are always happy to help you. I try, whenever possible, to answer questions. I really love Dynatrace and I always want it to be the best!”

In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite blog posts last month:

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See you in the Dynatrace Community!

Laima Vainina
Community Moderator