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Hello, Dynatracers!

I'm the new Community Moderator for the Community team. I wanted to say an official “hello!” and share with you a roundup of the most important things that happened in November.


What’s new in the Dynatrace Community?


Bigger Community team

Our community is expanding and requires more hands to manage everything. That’s why two new Community Moderators joined the team: @maciej N. and I. To get to know us more, check out this article: Welcome new Community Moderators! 

Engagement statistics for November

In the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum and in the Dynatrace Open Q&A forum:

Cleaning up the tags

Tags are one of the best ways to follow up with the latest customer questions and collect ideas for product development. To make tags more user-friendly, we went through all of them and created a description for each tag, added suitable icons, removed and merged unused ones. We suggest you press the Follow button on the tags of your expertise to receive email notifications whenever somebody posts about that topic.

Redesign of the Member of the Month award

The new redesign features a refreshed format of articles, a new design of banners, and a new type of questions. You can expect an absolute forum redesign in January. Meanwhile, check out the interviews with our Members of the Month for November @Enrico F. and @Silvia M.

A reminder of upcoming webinars

What’s next

We are also working on a new engagement program – biweekly challenges. Our users will have an opportunity to earn some karma points by participation in new, fun activities. Check out our first Christmas Challenge!

There are a lot more changes coming from us soon in the Community forum. Stay tuned for the future updates!