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Dynatrace Community has been nominated for the CMX Community Industry Awards in the Product and Ideation category and our very own Community Manager, Karolina Linda, is also nominated for two professional awards!

If you appreciate our efforts and believe in the things we do to improve your experience, take one minute, create an account & share your vote in the links below for Karolina & the Dynatrace Community:

You can vote until December 16, 11:59 PM PST.

Top contributors

Thank you, everyone, who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month! It’s members like you who make our Community truly great. Special shout out to:

  • Antonio S.  - for well-formed, insightful, or otherwise generally valuable Community contributions. The Community values your outstanding questions, such as How to deal with the reorganization of application rules? 

  • Chad T.  - for constantly providing very valuable feedback, product updates, and ideas on how to solve other user problems. The Dynatrace Community holds you in high regard.

  • Julius L.  - for sharing your profound knowledge and experience of our platform. This time, we'd like to highlight your support on the Can I install more oneagent when the license is fully used?  question. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!

  • Larry R.  - for the high-level initiative in addition to countless useful comments and creating 6 valuable product ideas and 2 questions. Your impactful insights are greatly appreciated! We look forward to seeing your ActiveGate plugin  ready soon as well.

Hottest forum threads

  • Configuration API for Service naming rules?
  • Smaller dashboard tiles for KPI overview or NOC dashboards
  • Selenium WebDriver integration with Dynatrace



Biweekly challenges

  • Last day to participate in the "First Computer" challenge!
    We want to find out what the first computers of our Community members were.
  • A lot of people started with computers like Commodore, others with ZX Spectrum, Olivetti M24 or Atari 800XE, etc. Do you remember your first computer? Maybe you have some experience with one of these models? Feel free to share your comments 🙂


Members of the month

Read two inspiring interviews with the most helpful Dynatrace Community members from the previous month:

  • Employee Member of the month: Gabriel Casell
    “I like to contribute to the Community as the questions here are usually problems that needs to be addressed to solve real (business) use cases. So, it is a problem with a deeper meaning and applicability than the technical side alone."
  • Community Member of the month: Julio H. Morimoto
    “The Dynatrace community is alive, and that surprised us in a good way. Power users and official support members respond quickly with helpful information.”

In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite blog posts from last month:


See you in the Dynatrace Community!

The Dynatrace Community team