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We’re honored to announce that Dynatrace Community is the winner of the “Product Ideation and Innovation” category of the CMX 2021 Community Industry Awards!

We would never make it without our amazing Community members: Dynatrace customers, partners, and employees. Thank you!

Top contributors

Thank you, everyone, who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month! It’s members like you who make our Community truly great. Special shout out to:

  • Antonio S.  - for sharing helpful advices on various Community member questions, especially your explanations around the On-demand Schedule to Enable/Disable the Host Monitoring  question.

  • Chad T.  - for your unstoppable support in the forums and for creating new ways to communicate with Community members. This time, we especially want to highlight your answer to the Is it possible to manage report subscripts through the API?  question. Just as the author replied to you: "You sir are BRILLIANT! I was spending so much time trying to find something very specific to anything but dashboard reports that I did not even think of that!"

  • Dante P.  - for being a truly helpful Community member; we’d like to highlight your answer to the StatsD options - What does and what does not (if any) consume additional licensing?  question.

  • Larry R.  - for being especially innovative in January and submitting 7 product ideas, 4 questions and participating in various Community discussions. Thank you for all your great contributions!

  • Reinhard W.  - for creating SSL Certificate Check Plugin and sharing a dedicated post with our Community, mentioning all other similar contributions: Configuration-less Advanced SSL Certificate Check Plugin . Thank you for enlightening other Community members!

  • Babar Q.  - for contributing on 11 new questions and 9 ideas in January. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!

Engaging Community discussions

  • W3C trace context for RUM manual JS Injection method
    by @Luis Miguel P.
  • Is it possible to manage report subscripts through the API?
    by @Larry R.
  • Configuration-less Advanced SSL Certificate Check Plugin
    by @Reinhard W.
  • On-demand Schedule to Enable/Disable the Host Monitoring
    by @Babar Q.
  • Challenge to customize the names of process groups
    by @Babar Q.

Business Hours in Dynatrace: Take a look at this discussion so you can comment on how you have approached the Business Hours issue on your side. Thanks for the question Antonio S. !


Biweekly challenges

Take a look at the latest Desired Community feature challenge. To make the migration process to the new forum platform as enjoyable as possible, we’re curious to find out your needs and expectations about the new platform.

We’re pleased to announce that almost all the desired features submitted so far will be implemented in the new platform.

Members of the month

Read two inspiring interviews with the most helpful Dynatrace Community members from the previous month:

  • Employee member of the month: Jean-Louis Lormeau
    “I have found so much help, answers, advice, or brilliant experiences in this forum that I find it normal to share my best use cases or to answer the questions when I can do it."
  • Community member of the month: Martin Kulov
    “Each community has it is own flavor and they share the same secret – they empower its members through collaboration and knowledge exchange.”

In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite blog posts from last month:


See you in the Dynatrace Community!

The Dynatrace Community team


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