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It's time to share our latest Community news for the previous month: awards, biweekly challenges, forum stats, new features, top content, members of the month, and much more. Enjoy!


We are happy to announce that two of our Community members received a Rock Star award at Dynatrace Perform 2020 in Las Vegas. Larry R. was selected as the “Most Valuable Customer Contributor” and Sebastian K. got awarded as the “Most Valuable Partner Contributor”. They both truly deserved it for their activity in the Community throughout the whole year of 2019.

Read more in the Dynatrace Perform 2020 Community Rock Stars article!


  • Till the 17th of February, you have time to participate in Perform Takeaway Challenge. Let us know your most valuable takeaway from the Perform 2020 and win $25 to spend the Dynatrace online store!

  • From January 13th till January 27th we ran a Question Hunt Challenge which was a great success.
    115 unanswered questions from the past years got a valuable answer and initiated many new discussions across the forum. Special thanks to Sebastian K., Chad T., and Radoslaw S. for such a powerful contribution.


  • Out of 137 product ideas submitted in January:
    2 completed, 2 started, 2 planned, 5 under review and 7 accepted.
  • Out of all the product ideas submitted overall:
    33 completed, 4 started, 3 planned, 17 under review and 17 accepted.



Product Ideas Forum Open Q&A forum



We introduced a new feature - Personalized feed. Now you can use the filter and sort options to see updates that are relevant to you. It’s only available from the home page.

You can filter your feed in 5 ways:

  • My Activity - all questions, articles, and ideas that you made any action on,
  • My Follows - any content based on tags and spaces that you follow,
  • My Expertise - content based on the tags you are an expert on,
  • My combined feed – your activity, follows and expertise posts all at once,
  • All posts - everything from all the spaces.

Read more in Personalize your feed article.


Check out the posts where our community members engaged the most and received lots of varied opinions!

Posts of the Month:

  • We’re highlighting Chad T. contribution on How to convert Json Files into Excel. In this post, he created an informative 11 step tutorial with helpful screenshots.
  • Chad also is author of Dynatrace SaaS now has an audit log feature available! post where we can learn how to enable and use the new environment Audit logs API. It was exciting to observe how another customer Larry R. stepped in and enriched the post with his experience.
  • One more admirable input is from a Rasmus Edgar who created a new plugin. He missed a feature to sync dashboards between tenants, so he wrote one and shared with our community - Dashport - a tool to backup and/or clone dashboards between tenants

More hot discussions:

  • Dynatrace Inbuilt Reporting Capabilities/exporting features
  • How to reduce average daily log volume to the license level
  • Synthetic browser monitors not fetching any result
  • Does Dynatrace monitor SSL certificate validation


Meet our most active community members from the last month and check out their stories!

Community Member of the Month
Rajesh S.

"Dynatrace Q&A Community brings open interaction, not just answers."

Employee Member of the Month

Jonathan S.

"I like having the opportunity to pass on Dynatrace knowledge that I have gained throughout my career to others."



Here are some questions which are still waiting for your contributions. It's a great chance to earn more reputation points by answering them.

  • Bug Fix: Azure Topic/Queue Deadletter Counts and Active Message counts are inseparable
  • Azure Log Import

To see more unanswered questions, click here. 


Did we miss anything out? Let us know in the comments what do you want to see in the next news article.
See you in the Dynatrace Community!

Laima Vainina
Community Moderator