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Happy New Year and welcome to this month's edition of the Dynatrace Community newsletter! We hope 2021 is off to a fantastic start and that you're healthy and doing well.

Community summary of 2020

  • In the Open Q&A forum, you asked 1,585 questions, provided 3,245 answers, and 3,413 comments.

  • In the Product Ideas forum, you submitted 1,727 product ideas and created 3,387 comments.

  • 2020 was the first year of Community biweekly challenges: 21 challenges published, 172 challenge submissions, viewed over 15,000 times.

  • The forum design has been refreshed and got new forum banners and branding.

  • In March we reintroduced badges in the Dynatrace Community, bringing back the right panel with the latest badges awarded.

Top contributors

Thank you, everyone, who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month! It’s members like you who make our Community truly great. Special shout out to:

  • Dante P.  - for high-level activity, despite having recently joined the Community. We're glad to see that you started your Community journey immediately by helping others and sharing knowledge.

  • Chad T.  - for your remarkable contribution throughout the year. You're a true conversation leader in our Community!

  • Julius L.  - for continuing to provide quick and very valuable answers to a myriad of questions. You're great at figuring stuff out.

  • Reinhard W.  - for sharing your knowledge and work with others. Community members truly value the hands-on experience that you shared under the PG detection rule creates 100 individual processes - what's the overhead?  question. We look forward to seeing your Dynatrace Active Gate remote plugin  ready soon as well.

  • Antonio S  – for putting great thoughts into our Community. Your solution to How to make multi factor authentication work for synthetics?  question worked perfectly.

  • Brian C.  - hats off for posting your first topic to the Community: Just joined the community, when is the next Virtual zoom session?  We look forward to your next contributions!

Hottest forum threads

  • Where is this new option to enable Dynatrace Application Security? 

  • 4xx HTTP errors Notification 

  • Follow Up Question to Regex/Host Group Name Post 

  • Business Hours in Dynatrace? 

  • Defining request naming rules Globally or at the Service level? 




Members of the month

Read two inspiring interviews with the most helpful Dynatrace Community members from the previous month:

  • Employee Member of the month: Tomasz Wozniak
    “The Community also helps me to realize what are the customers actually struggling with and how they use the product."
  • Community member of the month: Suresh Kacham
    “Best thing is that it welcomes ideas posted by anyone and everyone for the improvement of the product as well as for all the Dynatrace users.”

In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite blog posts from last month:


See you in the Dynatrace Community!

The Dynatrace Community team