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Happy and healthy New Year, everyone! Good luck with achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. Our own new year’s resolution is to make the Dynatrace Community the best one in our market segment.

Meanwhile, let’s check what happened in our Community in December and the year of 2019!

Forum statistics for 2019

Maintaining community engagement and growth is an ongoing challenge for us, that’s why it is exciting to see the numbers that prove constant community development.

In the Dynatrace Open Q&A forum:


In the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum:

Read what else happened in 2019 in the Happy 2020, Dynatrace Community! article.

Biweekly challenges

  • In December, we launched a new engagement program called biweekly challenges where you can test your Dynatrace knowledge by solving unique and fun use cases. They apply to all Dynatrace users, partners, and employees. Read more about our activities and award system in an updated and redesigned Community Recognition Programs article.
  • If you are ready to challenge your Dynatrace expertise - Take the Question Hunt challenge!
  • If you want to be up to date with the next challenges – click Follow on the Community Challenge tag

Product idea statuses explained

Check out what happens with product ideas and what statuses do we use to show the progress of work.

Members of the month

With the start of 2020, we have a great pleasure to introduce our first Members of the Month for this year.

Community Member of the Month - Vladislav Samoylenko

"Due to a lot of functionalities and features which exist in Dynatrace, there is no way to know all things. But Community knows. Community is the first entry point for me to find the answers."
Read the full interview with Vlad!

Employee Member of the Month - Siavash Hamidzadeh

"The Community is always my go-to place to find real-life use cases of Dynatrace."
Read the full interview with Siavash!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone for sharing your expertise with our Community and helping to build it into such a valuable place.

Dynatrace Community Team